• Muchos Mahalos Tee

Muchos Mahalos Tee

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100% GOTS certified Organic, Fair Trade, GMOfree Cotton. 
Designed on Kaua'i, Hawaii.  Made in India. Worn around the world.
Kalalau green tee, blue and orange print

Muchos Mahalos is our way of saying a HUGE THANK YOU!  {Mahalo is the Hawaiian word meaning thanks, gratitude, admiration, praise, esteem, regards, or respects.  Mucho is spanish for large, big.  And Muchos Mahalos is our saying for big heart felt thanks.}  There is nothing better than acknowledging all that we are grateful for in this life.  This shirt is an easy reminder for us to take time everyday to give thanks and share the love!

*Tees are slim fit and relaxed!  They will shrink just a bit if dried on high heat:)

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