• Earth Allegiance Block Print Poster
  • Earth Allegiance Block Print Poster

Earth Allegiance Block Print Poster




I wish this is what they taught in school! Please enjoy and share this limited edition poster benefiting the Living Sky Foundation, created by Horse and Hare and printed on dioxin free paper 25% hemp 75% post consumer waste paper.  Be The Change

Living Sky Foundation is a contaminate free, community based, educational, non-profit  501(c)(3) organization in support of children and the living arts. With all good intentions, they serve the earth in their mission to raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable, organic agriculture in a constant effort to reduce a toxic inhabitance. Their goal is to eliminate stress and dis-ease, and to promote healthier living and better lives by creating a joyous, simpler existence, a pure life.
We totally support you Living Sky! And Mahalos for sharing this gorgeous and profound poster with us and our community!

Hemp & Recycled Paper
Block Print 
12 x 19
$35 Free Shipping
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