• Courage: The Lion Tank
  • Courage: The Lion Tank

Courage: The Lion Tank



100% Organic, Fair Trade, GMOfree Cotton
Designed on Kaua'i, Hawaii.  Made in India.  Worn around the world.
Light Blue racerback tank, lion, cotton field, logo print

The Lion represents personal strength and courage.  He is the King and the relentless fighter, standing up for whats right and just.  This tee was designed with the severity of damage GMO farming has caused and our relentless will to help change the way clothing is made, seed to shirt.  Wear this shirt with strength, courage and love knowing you are apart of the Revolution!!

Our Lion image was designed by Kit Furderer, owner of Kine By Design.

*Tanks are a relaxed and comfortable fit.  They will shrink just a bit if dried on high heat:)

**We are currently out of XS and S** 

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