• Buddha Mala Bracelet
  • Buddha Mala Bracelet
  • Buddha Mala Bracelet
  • Buddha Mala Bracelet

Buddha Mala Bracelet

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BUDDHA MALA BRACELET | Sanskrit:माला; mālā, meaning garland or wreath

We are in love with our new Hand-made wool Mala. Each knotted bead represents a prayer, an intention, a wish, a hope, a story, an energetic offering.  We invite you to wear our malas as a daily reminder of an intention, to bring a sense of balance, peace and inspiration into your life and to help manifest your dreams! Our mala bracelets (27 knots) and necklaces (108 knots) are hand-made in a local village just outside of Delhi, India. The women who make each piece are apart of the Mission for Empowerment of Women, which promotes holistic development, empowerment, gender equality and gender justice for women through work opportunities such as this. 

Each mala made is a show of hard work, skill and determination and we are so proud and honored to help share this beautiful craft

Available in 4 colors:
Black with Gold thread
White with Gold thread 
Seafoam with Gold thread
Hot Pink with Hot Pink thread
Approx 7.5 inches diameter

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