It takes a village...

to raise a clothing company! 
We love them.  We respect them.  We work with like-minded and socially aligned organizations and companies from field to fashion.  Without this amazing and ever-growing team, we wouldn't be able to do what we love. 

Chetna Organic Farmers Association
Chetna Organic Farmers Association is a co-op that provides support for cotton farmers to switch to organic and fair trade practices.
Most of the organic fair trade cotton we use is sourced from Chetna Organics.

Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills
Rajlakshmi orients its production around sustainability; it is certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and reuses 50 percent of its waste water. This is achieved by collaborating with dye houses and installing reverse osmosis machines. Sludge is converted into fertilizer and fabric scraps are taken from the cutting tables and recycled to produce paper.

No Nasties was started by Apurva and Diti - two bicycle riding, frisbee tossing, yoga posing, organic farming, city dwelling, Auroville dreaming, Mumbai residents, who (try to) do no nasty! Diti has now moved on to greener pastures and Apurva is steering the ship, holding down the fort, keeping a hose on the fire, and kickin' it up a notch!


Fairtrade International
Fair trade is an alternative approach to conventional trade and is based on a partnership between producers and consumers. Fair trade offers producers a better deal and improved terms of trade.
Human Revolution Clothing tees and tanks are made in a FLO certified supply chain - 100% fair trade!
The Global Organic Textile Standard
(GOTS) defines environmental criteria along the entire supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well.
Human Revolution Clothing tees and tanks are made in a GOTS certified supply chain - 100% organic!
We would love to name everyone who has had a hand in this and one day we will, in the meantime these names stand out:
Betsy Adelman - Our founder's momma.  Betsy is a true angel on earth whose love and support can move mountains.
Freddie Adelman - Our founder's pop.  Freddie is a backbone for detail and integrity whose advice is priceless.
Marc Adelman - Our founder's brother.  Marc is pretty much the coolest guy.  Ever.
Cliff Mello - Owner of Jin Elixirs  Cliff designed our Logo.  He is one epic alchemist.
Josh & Michi - Owners of Finapparel These two lit a fire under our butt as well as helped create the name, Human Revolution Clothing.
Courtney Puig - Owner of See that Fly  A true sister, creative mastermind and connector to the max.
Rhonda Forsberg - Owner of Rhonda Forsberg Photography   This women has talent and an eye for beauty like no other.
Carol & Dave - Owners of Metamorphose Yoga Studio.  They held our kickoff fundraising event in 2012 which introduced HRC to our community here on Kaua'i! 
Kit & Alison Furderer - Owners of Kine by Design  This couple amazes us.  Photography, modeling, graphic design and hand illustration.  Big time love here:)
Jonathon Rucker: Soul brother, land protector, angel amongst us all and steward of Eastern Light Project

Super Special thanks to:
Aurelia Missiuro, Christina Zimmerman, Lana Olson, Ash Mello, Holly Edwards, Hanalei Surf Company, Kauai Mini Golf, The Sheraton Kauai, Wings Hawaii, Ben Everett, David Simon, Lace Andersen, Aaron Feinberg, Krysti Bacik, Daniel Valdivieso, Soangela Hardt, our incredible Kauai Ohana, NYC Ohana, our Facebook Ohana, our Instagram Ohana, and pretty much every single person who has come into our life. 

Kauai Logo Design

With over 10 years of professional experience spanning from wakeboard design and skateboard magazine photographer to creative director for a fortune 500 clothing company, they do it all!  Kine by Design also contributes to many non profits and works pro bono for non-GMO companies and organizations.  Kine by Design owners Kit and Alison Furderer live on Kaua'i, Hawaii, and can be found surfing, cliff jumping, skateboarding, supporting the 'aina and loving life!

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