About Us

Human Revolution Clothing is a social, economic, environmental and LOVE centered clothing company that is passionate about and dedicated to changing the way clothing is made seed to shirt!

Human Revolution Clothing was born out of a need to help support rural organic cotton farmers around the world while educating and empowering people to become aware of their incredible spending power. Over the past 50 years, cotton has steadily become one of the most highly toxic crops grown. Through the overuse and abuse of GMO seeds, toxic chemical fertilizers and insecticides the cotton industry has taken a turn for the worst. In India alone, over 300,000 cotton farmers have taken their own lives as a last resort for their failing crops and towering debts to corporate seed companies and un-institutional bank lenders.

Big problems are catalysts for great solutions. At Human Revolution Clothing, our belief is that business can be done with integrity and respect for the earth, her people and her natural resources. To ensure our promise for the highest quality cotton tee, Human Revolution Clothing is committed to being a part of every process and step to get from field to fabulous; helping implement sustainable farming practices along the way!

Our T-shirts and Tanks are made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton that is GMOfree & FairTrade. It is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Fair Trade and Fair Labor certified.  Our Dresses, Caftans and Beach Blankets are made from hand-spun & hand-woven khadi cotton.  We are currently in the process of creating organic khadi:)

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