Human Revolution Clothing


We are a people and planet before profit kind of company. We support ORGANIC, GMOfree, FAIR TRADE, cotton farmers. We believe clothing should look good, feel good, and do good. 


Our clothing is made from 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic, GMOfree, fair trade cotton in factories that support workers rights, eco-friendly manufacturing, and no child labor.

  • Certified Organic seeds
  • Natural pesticides (neem leaves, cow dung, castor, worm compost)
  • Non-toxic water based inks & thickeners
  • Low impact GOTS certified washes and dyes
  • Recycled cotton hang tag (totally paper free)
  • Highest social, economic and environmental standards for all workers
  • We give a percentage of our profits back to the farmers who grow the seeds that make the shirts.

Human Revolution Clothing's mission is to help change the way clothing is made, seed to shirt.  There are huge problems existing within the textile industry, including GMO seeds, toxic pesticides, and inhumane working conditions, to name a few.  We see the global benefit of organic farming, sustainable manufacturing, and bringing human connection back to the material world.  Human Revolution Clothing is so much more than clothing.  It is a lifestyle, a global community, and catalyst for change!  We are connected to every process our clothing goes through, from seed to shirt, and help implement sustainable farming practices such as drip irrigation along the way!  Thank you for supporting us, and know that the HUMAN REVOLUTION begins with you!

    "Human Revolution Clothing started on August 8th, 2008 with an idea to make undies for yogis.  I was a serious ashtanga yoga student at the time and was always on the search for the perfect underwear for my yoga practice.  If you have practiced ashtanga yoga, you know what I mean! 
    Needless to say, I couldn't find what I was looking for so I decided why not make them myself! 
    I didn't know the first things about textiles at that time and so started what I thought would be a little innocent research on sustainable and organic fabrics. 
    What I ended up finding was the toxic chemicals I have been fighting to get out of my food were being used on practically all of my clothing.  I thought my thumb was on the proverbial organic heartbeat so to say.  But I had never heard about the GMO in cotton, the mass suicides of cotton farmers in India (to the tune of 250,000 and growing), the increase of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, fertility problems, birth defects, etc from the use of the chemical fertilizers and insecticides sprayed on GM cotton farms around the world. 
    I realized that our clothing was FARMED. 
    From that moment on, I knew I had found my life's work.  The last five years was spent learning, reading, researching, traveling to India, getting challenged, finding new ways, meeting new people, gathering my information, dreaming big and taking action (with the help of many wonderful people along the way). 
    The outcome of all that, is Human Revolution Clothing."
    - Lauren Adelman, Founder


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