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Beach Blankets

Our Beach Blankets are Summer Essentials (that can be used all year round).  Whether you find yourself pool side or digging your toes into the sand, our artisan made Indigo Shibori or Hand-spun & Hand-woven Khadi Beach Blankets will become your most beloved must-have.  

Our Indigo Shibori Beach Blanket are made from 100% certified organic cotton.  They lay 46 inches wide by 5ft 8 inches long.

Our Khadi Beach Blanket is made from conventional cotton that has been hand spun and woven by rural weavers throughout India. It is larger than your regular towel, laying 44 inches wide by almost 7 feet long, providing you with luxurious space to stretch out and soak in the sun.

Use our Beach Blankets as a sarong, baby blanket, table cloth, scarf, shawl, travel blanket, beach bag and more.  Weighing less than a pound and quickly drying, our Beach Blankets are also the ideal travel, hiking, backpacking, adventure companion as well!

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