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Posted on 07 October 2016

Aloha and Namaskara India! 

After 3 full days of flying, countless time traveled hours and enjoying some layovers in LA & Paris I finally arrived in Delhi last night (and came to learn my bags were still in LA...c'est la vie). Suchi and her husband were there to pick me up and thank Ganesh for that because of this awesome story...

Around midnight we arrived at the hotel I booked via, already confirmed and paid for only to discover they had to notification of my reservation. The next twenty minutes went like this:

Kushal telling them they are wrong

Suchi telling them they are wrong

Them (two young boys working the desk) saying it's not possible. 

Kushal yelling

Suchi yelling

Them saying it's not possible

Suchi finally gets the manager on the phone and says very sternly, she will go take pictures and video of the entire hotel and post all over social media how terrible they are. 

I got a room :) and they made a great masala omelette for me this am:)



Clearly we should have know this was the hotels new name ;)

Not to be mistaken with the name on the room key 😝

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