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Posted on 21 October 2014

Im not sure how to express all I saw and felt today.  I do know that the deeper into the villages you go, the bigger the smiles, the warmer the welcomes and the sweeter the air.  Begampur village became a reality for me becauae of one awesome married couple.  I have been in an email correspondance with Subhro Gosh, Business Manager of India and the Middle East for Advancetex International by day and Owner of Rwitvastra, all natural, herbal dyed, handloomed clothing company by night over the past few weeks trying to find a time to connect and discuss possible collaborations.

Things finally aligned and I met Subhro and his wife Bapita last night here in the city of Calcutta.  We chowed some serious Indian food and talked about how we can join forces moving forward to not only create an "eco-friendly" chemical clothing line, but a soup to nuts, A-Z, all natural, plant based clothing company.  I didn't need to think twice.  YES! I'm in, lets do this!!

Which led to todays incredible expereince.  Subhro brought me into the tiny village of Begampur, where they have a government supported handloom cluster.  Hand looming is on the brink of loosing its artisans.  Its a highly mathematical and technical skill whose products is worth thousands of rupees but whose artians make barely enough to feed their families.  I feel so lucky to have spent the day with 20+ men who have been weaving for the better part of the past 30 years.  Until 3 or so years ago when the government stepped in, these men were making about $3 dollars a day.  Now, the are making about $6 which is HUGE for them!

I was totally fascinated by the Machines, which are all hand made, as most things in India are:)  I couldn't believe the skill and patience and time line for setting one loom up for a saree!!  Anyway, the exciting part comes with Subhro.  He will be the first person in India to make Hand Loomed Naturally Dyed Saree.  They are going to be amazing.  And guess what?  Human Revolution Clothing will be the first importer of Hand Loomed, Naturally Dyed scarfs, dresses, shirts and more!  How any of this ever lined up, don't ask because I have no idea!  All I can say, is that when I was in this village, with Subhro, Saila Kundu (master weaver) and Bikash (assistant manager) I have never felt more joy within my heart!!  

Besides this attempt to articulate todays expereince, the rest will live with me forever.  

Thank you India <3






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