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Posted on 19 October 2014



 It's with a heart and eyes full of joy that we are writing from our trip to India.  As many of you know, the heart and soul of Human Revolution Clothing is India.  India, and the demise of the cotton farming culture has been our catalyst and inspiration for change. So here we are, three weeks into our trip and we finally have a moment to sit and write.  At the current moment we are in Kolkata, India, which is in the north east of India, right against the Bengal boarder.  Rajlakshmi Cotton Mill is what brings us here. They have been in business for 80+ years and have opened their doors for exporting over the last 15.  Over the past three days I've spent much of my time with Sir Rajendra Jaipuria, the patriarch of this operation and Annindita, designer, merchandiser, all things apparel power-house working on our line and figuring out the next steps.  

During the few days I have spent at the mill, there have been two other buyers from Holland.  These two other companies have been in business for 20+ and 5+ years and have been using Rajlakshmi Mills for a large part of their success.  One company, an organic kids wear company from holland places orders every season for over $450K.  Talk about inspiration!  Our first order was 1,286 pieces.  Very far from $450K.  Being there in the office next to this company, made me realize this mission is very very possible and not so far away as it can sometimes feel.  When you are creating, there never seems to be an end, and rightfully so, as the journey is what holds the excitement and adventure.  Within a moment, sometime during these past few days, I was able to see a glimpse of what is yet to exist for HRC.  I was able to see a possibility and open channel that before, was not visible for my eyes. And that was an amazing feeling:)


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