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Posted on 20 July 2014

We were honored and stoked to be asked by the amazing Jericho Rell, of Apex Curve, to meet up for an interview last month.  Jericho puts multi-talented to shame!  She does it all, fashion, travel, surf, work, write, explore, the list literally goes on and on and with so much grace and effortlessness all you can do is wonder how!  And to top it off, she is a proud momma to one talented, creative and beautiful little girl (the apple doesn't fall from the tree!)

So needless to say, we had a blast spending the afternoon at Cafe Hemingway in Kapa'a talking and laughing the day away:)

Human Revolution Clothing

It’s amazing to me how one thought can turn your life into a complete mission when you act on it. I met up with Lauren Adelman, the founder of Human Revolution Clothing, a sustainable company which features organic, gmo free, fair-trade t-shirts and tank tops as well as upcycled scarves and hand embellished trucker hats. When she speaks about her mission she immediately lights up. Hailing from New York City, she is quick-witted, talks fast, and knows what she wants. She is full of Aloha after living on Kauai the past seven years. I am so inspired by Lauren and got to sit down and talk story with her at Cafe Hemingway. Here’s what she had to say about Human Revolution Clothing…

Apex Curve: What sparked your interest in fashion?

Lauren: Most people who know me will say I have a fashion style all my own, which consists of the same three to four outfits, so I’m not the most “fashionable one” out there. What really sparked my interest in fashion was more along the lines of discovering a market that is in need of a major ethical and sustainable overhaul.

This discovery happened while doing some innocent research for a fun little idea to make undies for yogis. At the time I didn’t know a thing about the textile industry, but once I started searching for the best materials to use for my undie idea, that all changed rather quickly. I discovered the textile industry, for the most part, was an endless source of pollution, toxic farming practices, harsh chemical fabric treatments and more.

Apex Curve: How did you make your way to India from there?

Lauren: While researching, I learned that India was one of the top producers of cotton, a majority of which was genetically modified. I came across the fact that what was once called the “cotton belt” in India, was now referred to as the “suicide belt”. Over 300,000 farmers have committed suicide in the past decade and a half due to the increasing costs and low yields of chemical, genetically modified cotton farming. It was that moment where I saw everything through clear eyes. I knew clothing held the power to change the world and somehow I was was going to be a part of it. Before I made any products or started this company, I knew I would go to India. I went to the roots, I saw how our material worlds needs were not only damaging but ending innocent lives. I met many farmers and their families. I spoke with them (via and amazing translator) and heard their experience,their needs, and most importantly, thanked them for all their hard work.


From over five years of research, and everything else that happened between, Human Revolution Clothing was born. And with that, a business model that aligns with natures rule; as within, so without. Every part of our business is done in the highest and best way we can with what we have. We believe business can be done with integrity and respect for one another and our earth. We want to be apart of a system that allows us to not just survive, but to thrive, and we want to see people living happy, healthy, joyous lives.

Please visit ApexCurve for the full article here -->


Aloha and Blessings <3

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  • Jericho Rell: December 01, 2014

    Lauren you are awesome! Thank you so much for the kind words. You are beyond inspiring! Much Love

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