Bridge the Gap

Posted on 10 May 2016

From HRC's inception, it has always been about the people, the planet and changing a sincerely damaging global process that is the fashion industry. 

Like modern times, we (the consumers) are often many degrees of separation from the source of our food, clothing, and really most things we use day to day. My mission {at least one of them} is to bridge the gap between humanity and the material world. It's so easy in our busy lives to side step, but it's imperative to know there are human hands and hearts working behind all of our "stuff" and a planet that is being terribly abused in doing so. My question is WHY?!

I believe knowledge is power and also a great catalyst for change. If we are more personally connected to the source of our things, I believe we will care a little bit more, and make choices with a little more discernment and show a little more respect for what we choose. 

No thing is too great or too big to change. Small steps become revolutions, ideas become realities. And the power to create that is within us all. 
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